Meet the Priests

Rev. Fr. Micheal Owusu Ofori

Actg. Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Afriyie

Supporting Priest

Rev. Fr. Josepth Sackey

Supporting Priest

From the Pastor's Front Desk By Rev. Micheal Ofori Owusu

By the sacrament of Baptism we attain the status as ‘Children of God’. Every child of God is also a servant of God. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, said, ‘for even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many’ (Mark 10:45).

If Jesus, the only Begotten Son of God deemed to be our servant then we his followers are by necessary implication servants of God with Christ as our model.

‘See, my servant will prosper, he shall be lifted up, exalted, rise to great heights.’ Isaiah 52:13. Faith in God makes all things possible (Matthew 19:26)

‘See, my servant will prosper, he shall be lifted up, exalted, rise to great heights.’ Isaiah 52:13. Faith in God

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Monday - Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle Lectionary: 684. Click on read more to view Today's Bible Readings.

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Thursday - Feast of St Francis Xavier. Holy Hour @6:30pm. Ayekoo! and Happy Feast Day to Xavier Society(Dagaabas).

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Friday - Exposition of Blessed Sacrament start from 6:00am - 6:00pm. Hour of Grace@ 12:00pm. Mass @ 6:30 pm

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Liturgical Calender

Parish Pastoral Council

Rev. Fr. Micheal Owusu Ofori

Actg.Parish Priest

Mr. Francis Baffoe- Ashun


Mr. Eric Banoeyele


Ms.Ida Apuri


Mr. Daniel Dumevi

Assistant Secretary

Mr. Emmanuel Akakpo


Ms.Felicia Amuzu

Prayer Leader

Parish Pastoral Agenda| a little about us

All human beings are born of women, but of those baptised we say are ―Born Again‖ into the Church. Hence, as born again Christians, we have a higher responsibility to fulfil first and foremost as humans, then, above all as baptised children of God.It is my humble opinion that, we in the Catholic Church are those who have the greatest number of the baptized.But sadly that is about all we can boast of in terms of the people in the Church.

There is no doubt that the Catholic Church is the one Church where the fullness of the revelation of Christ subsists.The Catholic Church lacks nothing for the salvation of her children. I personally believe in what I term the ―Catholic Extras.

Thus, whatever is relevant for salvation that you may find in a Christian denomination, the Catholic Church has more! For example, the books of the bible, we have more! The Sacraments, we have more! Discipline or rules, we have more! Doctrines, we have more!


2015 Theme;


Parish Committees

Harvest/Fund-Raising Committee

The Harvest/Fund-Raising Committee is made up of Mr. Daniel Acheampong(Chairman), Ms. Agnes Selormey, Mr. Philemon Mwinia, Mr. Cletus Sekwo and Mr. Joseph Ateere.
Duties: Plans and organizers dates and activities etc.

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Finance/ Investment Committee

Ms. Anna Mensah (Chairperson), Mr. Francis Ahiekpor, Mr. Eric Banoeyele, Mr. Philemon Mwinia, Mr. Peter Nukamewor, Mr. Emmanuel Atiiga, Daneil Tei - Laison
Duties: Prepares budgets and yearly accounts for the Parish etc.

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Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee is made up of the following: Mr. Emmaneul Akuamoah (Chairman), Mr. Peter Odonkor, Mr. John Aganah, Mr. Sylvester Acquah, Ms. Esther Apuri, Mary Baffoe-Ashun, Mr. Kwamina Assan, Mr. Abraham Teiko, Mr. Martine Adjoke, and Mr. Samuel Atindem.

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Building & Development Committee

Mr. Baffoe-Ashun (Chairman), Mr. Daniel Acheampong, Mr. Cornelius Senyo, Mr. Anthony Kudjo, Mr. Acquah Sylvester, Mr. Patrick Antwi Duties: Takes responsibility for the planning,demolishing, construction, re-designing and maintenance of the Church.

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Laity, Justice & Peace Committee

This committee is made up of the following: Mr. Stephen Aryere (Chairman), Mr. Gyesaw, Mr. Andrew Agbodzi, Mrs. Mary Baffoe-Ashun, Mr. Simon Yartey, Mr. Kwamina Assan, Mr. Christopher Bekyieriya, Mr. Simon Adams - Laison, Mrs. Mary Fatchu - Laison.

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Vocation, Youth & Guidance Committee

Mr. & Mrs. Acheampong, Eric Kame Osei, Humphery Tekper, Ms. Esther Apuri, Mrs. Mary Twum, Ida Apuri - Laison, Jonathan Tetteh - Laison Duties: Plans and implements programmes to promote vocations in the parish, and offer guidance to the youth etc.

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Marriage & Family Life Committee

Mrs. & Mr. Ahiekpor (Chairman), Mr. & Mrs. Victor Amam, Mr. & Mrs.Joseph Gyesaw, Mr. & Mrs. Clement Asiamah, Mr. & Mrs. Baffoe-Ashun, Mrs. Gladys Kudowor, Mrs. Mary Tsum, Mr. Edem Nugbolo, Mrs. Felicia Amuzu.

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Liturgical Committee

One of the essential roles of the Liturgical Committee is to Coordinates and monitors activities of the parish liturgical ministries i.e. Choirs, Singing groups, Readers, Ushers, Brass band, Mass servers and Eucharistic ministers etc.

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Works & Function Committee

The Committee is made up of the following volunteers: Mr. Emmanuel Kudaya (Chairman), Ms. Dora Asantewaa Anim, Mr. Daniel Akanzonge, Mr. Victor Amam, Mad. Janet Adukpo, Mr. Daniel Dumevi, Mrs. Diana Bosso

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School and Education Committee

Mad. B. B. Irene (Chairman), Mad. Agnes Selormey, Mad. Janet Adukpo, Mad. Prisca Kwashie, Mrs. Victoria Otoo, Mr. Victor Amam, Mr. Emmanuel Kudaya, Mr. Stephen Aryere, Mr. Francis Bosso, Mad. Theresa Ananuus - Laison, Mr. Nicholars Awuni

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Collection Counters

The collection counters Committee is made up of the following qualified volunteers: Mr. Peter Nukamewor, Ms. Anna Mensah, Mr. Emmanuel Narh, Ms. Angela Aheikpor, Mr Andrews Nana Damoah, Mrs Matilda Kojo, Miss Margret Avetey, and Mrs Esther Agamana.

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1.Dues Collectors is made up of Mad. Janet Adukpo, Mad. Prisca Kwashie.
2.Health Committee is to provide First Aid to parishioners who fall sick during activities in and out of the parish
3. Functions and Publicity Committee.

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The Devotional Group of St. Kizito Catholic Church is made up of Legion of Mary, Our lady of Perpetual Help, etc.

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The Ministry Group is made up of Kizito Choir, Immaculate Conception Choir, Knolta, Lectors, Usher, etc..

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The Tribal societies is made up of eight tribes namely St anthony(Ewes), St Cecilia(Akans), St christopher(Frafras)etc.

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This groups in the Church is made up of Charismatic Renewal, Christian Mothers, CYO, St. dominic franternity.

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St.Kizito Cluster of Schools


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R/C 1 & 2 Primary

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R/C 1 & 2 JHS

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Parish Youth Council

Rev. Fr. Micheal Owusu-Ofori

Youth Chaplain

Emmanuel Akakpo


Humphery Tekper

Vice President

Ms.Dora Anim


Pius Amam

Assistant Secretary

David Kwofie


Kevin Wellu

Financial Secretary

Ms. Esther Alatinga

Ladies Organizer

More about Parish youth council:

The youth of St. Kizito Catholic Church comprise of young people from the ages of 13 to 30 years. They are essentially the members of the church who form the foundation and investment of the church.

The development of the youth into leaders encompasses various activities which includes the local, archdiocesan and national events and programmes.The youth of the church are led by their Youth Council which is made of the President, the Vice-President, Organising and Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Secretary etc.

They are elected by the youth and approved by the Pastoral Council of the church and serve to the best of their ability for a period of two years.

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